It’s often said that an individual’s home is their palace, but folks in the modern world no longer employ palace guards or moats to protect their valuable properties and loved ones. Nowadays, people depend on home security systems to keep them safe.

Security is very important in any home setting and part of a good security system is a solid camera setup. The right home security camera system can give you full awareness of your environment.

The Best Home Security Camera System for Buyers


What to Consider When Finding the Best Home Security Camera System

Finding the best security camera system for home can be a daunting task. Security camera companies may push for more expensive camera models or might have a limited collection of cameras. Working with a consultant can tell you how many security camera systems you need, where to place them, and what concerns you may have. Here are some few tips to help you find the best home security camera system.

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Indoor vs. Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor security cameras help deter burglars from breaking and entering, care thieves from breaking into your vehicle, and trespassers from loitering on your property. Any suspicious, criminal, or unusual activity that doesn’t occur on your property will be recorded by an outdoor home surveillance camera.

Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Systems for Home

Indoor cameras serve as an additional safety measure in cases where a break in does occur and an outdoor security camera isn’t able to capture the footage. It’s also a good idea to look for a network security camera that has both outdoor and indoor functionality. Outdoor and indoor security cameras are important when putting together your property security surveillance system.


It’s always advisable to go for the higher resolution. High resolution cameras can capture HD Video and provide greater detail improving identification. When monitoring an area, a higher resolution camera provides high quality image compared to analog cameras.

Number of Cameras Needed

The size of your home is a vital factor as well as camera placement spots and the coverage area. The good thing is that you can install any number of cameras to your property security system at any time, allowing you to control them over the same network.

Day/Night Surveillance Camera

Several cameras today come equipped with true day/night capability to see in total darkness. Night cameras are perfect for monitoring cars parked in driveways since more than two thirds of motor-vehicle thefts take place at night. Day/night visibility is therefore an important feature in a home security camera.

Style of Camera

Dome surveillance cameras tend to be more discreet and blend in well with their surroundings. Some models come with smoked-enclosures for an even more inconspicuous appearance.

Bullet surveillance cameras are far more open in that they are often noticed by passersby and intruders. Dome security cameras will help keep your property video security cameras hidden to any potential intruders.

Top 6 Reasons Why You Need the Best Home Security Camera System

Have you thought about installing a home surveillance camera, but put it off because you don’t believe you really need one? Well, before you ignore it any longer, you may want to consider these facts.

According to Federal Bureau of Investigation there were more than 2.5 million home burglaries in the United States in 2014, over 70% of which took place in residential home. In addition, victims of these break-ins claimed an estimated 4.6 billion dollars in lost property, and an average dollar loss per break-in was 2,119 dollars.

With these shocking statistics, investing in a home surveillance camera doesn’t seem to be a bad idea, does it? Here are reasons why you should invest in a home surveillance camera:


Egging, Halloween pranks, spray painting/graffiti, toilet papering, breaking windows, mailbox tampering, and other types of vandalism do and can happen, and they are all harmful to the value of your home. Installing a home security camera to catch criminals performing these acts will provide you with the evidence you need to file a case against them.

To Deter Smoke and Fire

A home fire alarm system is often part of a total home surveillance system providing burglary protection in addition to smoke and fire protection. Such a system supervises windows, doors and spaces within the property for burglary and may provide monitoring services by dialing your mobile phone to report an intrusion or fire to a security office, where it will be reported back to your local police or fire department.

Monitoring Service Personnel

Surveillance cameras are ideal for monitoring anyone you have employed who has access to your property such as gardeners, contractors, house cleaners and even realtors. More often, there are incidences where service personnel steal valuable possessions such as jewelry, electronics, and any other valuable item from the homes in which they work. These products are targeted because home owners don’t notice that they have gone missing right away or sometimes they don’t notice at all.

24/7 Security Alerts

What’s more important about internet based video is that you can set it up to send direct security alerts to your mobile phone whenever it detects tampering or motion. Several home security cameras come with alarm to trigger your external alarm in the event that any suspicious activity is detected.

Neighborhood Awareness

A properly installed outdoor security system can record all activity and give you an insight into what is really happening when you are not looking. For example, if there have been incidences of break-ins or theft in your neighborhood, security system can help ease any concerns and show you what is really taking place in-front and behind your home.

Peace of Mind

Investing in a home surveillance system ultimately provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones. No more worrying about your property while you are away at work or vacation. Home surveillance systems can do the job so you can go and enjoy your life.

Bottom Line

You just can’t put a price tag on protecting your home and your loved ones. A home security camera system gives you the power to do just that. You may be looking for a security camera because your neighbor’s vehicle was recently stolen right in-front of his house or you were recently burglarized. Whichever the case, a home camera security system is a worth investment.

How to Install Home Security Camera System

Home security camera system is very important to anticipate any robbery and burglary inside and outside your home. However, we sometimes call technician or expert in order to Installing Security Camera System for Home. Homeowners are afraid to drill a hole and arrange the cables by themselves. For your information, this daunting activity won’t make you afraid anymore after reading this guide to install surveillance system. You won’t pay a technician anymore and will save your budget for other requirements because of these tips. So, I hope all of you are able to install it with DIY technique. Here we go to the steps one by one.

Prepare your home

After you consider that you need one of home security camera systems for your house, you have to prepare your home which will be installed with the surveillance. If necessary, you should make a diagram firstly of the installation. You know that how much money you have spent to buy the camera, so it will be worthier if you pick some priority areas which are very important to be spied. Do not draw the diagram in details because it will take your time. It is just a rough diagram which describes your current house form and do not forget to leave marks of the camera position. Some recommendations for the camera position are stairways, front door, windows and living room.

Buying the Correct Surveillance

The next step is by considering the camera which appropriate with your needs. We have drawn a diagram before, so you can take the camera numbers which you drew. There are many security camera packages that available with many prices. It depends on your demand. If you have large spaces that you need to cover, I prefer packages security cameras. The package will give you the Digital Video Recording or DVR instantly without buying it standalone. Meanwhile, I prefer you to buy a single camera if you have only small coverage such as indoor area. Of course, the package offers expensive price rather than single camera.


Let us go straight to the installation of your home security camera systems. Ensure you have tested the camera before installation. If you have wireless camera, it will be easier for you to install because you just choose the higher place for the stand. Otherwise, the wire security camera needs some holes and pipes for the wire. Of course, it takes your times and more budget to install the pipe with drill. After you choose one of camera types, mount your camera with a permanent position. I mean you can strengthen the screws or whatever which able to make it unmovable. Then, plug the power supply of the DVR and your monitor into power source. After that, connect the camera into the DVR plugs.

Maintaining your Camera

That is all what you have to do in installing home security camera system. The next thing is only some improvement in order to give you more easiness in maintenance them. One of the examples is by managing the power supply cable with a pipe. This is important for extend the cable’s life span due unexpected resistance.

The Best Locations of Home Security Cameras System

Home security system with cameras requires some good spots or locations in order to get better views and videos instead of blind spots. Blind spots here refers to the unnecessary area which recorded by camera coverage. For example, indoor property needs to be exposed in our camera display rather than recording toilet or bathroom which can be used for irresponsible activity. Actually, it is very easy to consider the best locations for your security cameras. You know your home very well rather than the suspicious person or burglar. Some blind spots should be shown clearly though. Always evaluate these locations if you do protect your home properly.

Front Door

Many home security cameras systemsare installed at the front door side of a house. The reason can be understood when you all know that some studies found thirty four percent of crimes start from the front door. In other words, this percentage shows us front door is very lovable place for criminals to start or enter their bad activities. A smart thief will check the surveillances firstly before they determine to enter a house. You can create a dummy surveillance at your fence or gate in order to make them aware about your security cameras and think twice before act. Another tip is placing the camera at the second-floor level. If you only have single floor, manipulate your camera with some covers or mesh wires in order to protect it from any disturbances.

Back Door

This is another location besides of home security cameras systems. Door is the key of your camera locations. I have got twenty two percent of crimes happened from the back door. The thieves love the back door because they think this is the weakest spot of a house. Many homeowners ignore their security at this door. However, it won’t be able anymore after you read this article. This door also refers to the side doors (if you have them). Keep in your mind that placing the surveillance at the human scope. If the thieves noticed your back door camera, I believe they will harass with some projectiles and stone to destroy it. You can camouflage it by using higher place and wires or grasses. Wireless camera is acceptable as long as it is still on the signal coverage. You can place them at the tree instead on your home.


Windows are the next target of burglars and thieves in entering your home especially rear window. Off-street window is their favorite because they can leave without any chase from people. So, buy a surveillance system and place it in any off-street window that you have. Off-street window is a window that cannot be viewed from the street. It is usually facing the backyard or garden.


Last but not least, your home security cameras system should be placed at the backyard. This is the last escape of criminals or thieves in ending their burglary inside your home. If you cannot chase them, you can track them instead. You will have their face and characteristics through your camera.